I’ve been on a quest for finding bracelets and bangles for my tiny wrists. By “tiny” I mean my wrist is 5 inches (13 cm) around. I would consider a “small” wrist to measure between 6 to 7 inches. I’m sure some of you also have had trouble finding bracelets for your petite wrists, so I thought I’d share where I found perfect bracelets for my tiny wrists.

1. Custom-fitted bangles. If you’re like me, anything “custom-fitted” sounds like an expensive chore. But it’s not! Since Eddie and I are lucky enough to live steps away from downtown LA’s bustling jewelry district, we took a gander at some bangles for my birthday. I was interested in classic silver bangles, but none of the ones I liked were available in my size. The saleslady in the shop on 6th Street said they could size them just right for me. And they did. The machining for my 7-day bangles took a little over one hour, and did not cost extra.



Silver bangles custom-fitted to 2 1/8″ diameter. Perfect fit!


Seven-day bangles show that he loves me eight days a week, and also help me play Street Fighter better.











2. Dainty Wrist Jewelry. A great option for ladies with tiny and small wrists, without having to go the custom route. They offer wrist jewelry in a variety of styles (eg, beaded bracelets, leather bracelets) and metals. I fell in love with their sterling silver bird bangle, which I also received for my birthday. This bangle is available in sizes Small and Extra Small. Instructions on their site about how to measure your wrist and hand were super clear and easy, so I knew I needed the XS.

The Dainty Wrist Jewelry silver bird bangle with a diameter of 2 1/4"

The Dainty Wrist Jewelry silver bird bangle in size XS has a diameter of about 2 1/4.”


A very good fit! Does not slide down my hand.










3. London Manori. I love this line of jewelry. My oval black spinel bracelet is also a perfect fit. The website offers oval stone bracelets in lengths 6″ and 7″. But mine looks like it’s 6.5″. I also love their gorgeous Bar Collection of bangles. Thinking about ordering one custom sized.


The rare black spinel bracelet by London Manori has magical powers and a perfect fit.


Follow @LondonManori, and don’t be afraid of ordering custom-fitted jewelry.











4. Style Unscripted. I personally don’t own any pieces from this Canadian line, but they offer a lot of cute and on-trend bangles specifically for small wrists. Bracelets are sized at 6 cm (2.36″) in diameter. Since I’m looking for bangles no larger than 2.25″ these might run a tad loose on my tiny wrists, but they sound perfect for anyone with small wrists. I love the pyramid spike bangle. Follow them on Twitter for sales codes!

5. Forever 21. I bought these size Small bangles, but they are way too large for me. They slip off my hand. Super affordable, but of course with F21 you get what you pay for (these turn my wrist green).


The size Small Forever 21 bangles are about 2 1/2″ in diameter. Too big for me.

Let me know if you know of any other great sources for bracelets for petite wrists!



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I too have small wrists, mine is 5.5 inch and I have a hard time finding bracelets that fit well. I have a small shop that specifically caters to women with small wrists, maybe you’ll find something that you like and will fit you. Cheers!


I have the same problem with bracelets , I can never stack as well because they get all jumbled and tangled up. I love dainty stackable bracelets so if you are interested you can come follow our insta @wearandbe – we’re a small store focusing on delicate dainty styles. Shop will launch soon , and also a give away!

Hugs, Nikki